Dog Training

Due to the relaxing of some Coronavirus restrictions, we are able to restart some of our training classes outdoors.

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In addition to our classes, we also have a number of training courses online.

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Barkbrigade training services provide force free training techniques which focus on developing a positive relationship between owner and dog.

Barkbrigade is fully equipped to help with all your canine issues and are committed to providing reward based training methods designed to suit each dogs specific needs.

About the trainer

Linda has studied with the institute of modern dog trainers for over 4 years covering topics such as canine aggression and rehabilitation, canine body language and puppy development and other topics including impulse control.

She has successfully completed the 2 day career as a dog trainer and the 4 day practical lnstructor course.

Linda is also a certified pro dog trainer with absolute dogs which helps people achieve real life transformation through dog training games.

Behavioural training
 Linda holds a certificate of achievement which is a level 3 accreditation in learning, motivation and reinforcement, the start to her career as a behaviourist and is currently studying with the international school of canine psychology and behaviour who are recognised world wide and are founder committee members of ICAN, an umbrella body for purely force free education providers.

Striving to provide a complete service
There are so many areas of the canine industry, and Linda strives to gain knowledge in as many areas as she can by studying, canine health and nutrition, predation substitute training, canine sports conditioning and her passion, scent work where she is a fully qualified scentwork UK instructor.

Linda is a member of the pet professional guild who recognise certificates of achiements within the canine industry and provide their members with continual personal development to insure all members provide a service of a high standard.

Dog coming to owner
Covid safety badge
Pro dog trainer certified