Dog Walking


1 or 2 walks per week

£10 per walk

additional dog from same household

£5 per walk

Walks after 3pm and weekends

£10 per walk

3 or more walks per week

£8 per walk

additional dog from same household

£4 per walk

Training walks


Weekend secure field group walks


additional dog from same household


Our group walks are all done on 21 acres of private woodland and riverside walks with the kind permission of the land owner.

If we are out walking in a public area,we have  a maximum limit of 4 dogs.

All individual walks are done from the owners home.

Our van is fully kitted out with custom built cages with escape hatches for emergencies.

Travel time is kept to an absolute minimum.

Dogs will only be left in van when picking up and dropping off the group walks.

In warmer weather we have a van cooling system and cool mats are placed in all the crated areas.

We have access to a warm water washing area to ensure all dogs come home clean and fresh.

All dogs travel in their own crated area for safety unless they are from the same household.

We are fully insured through pet business insurance. Our walkers are fully qualified,and canine first aid trained to provide you and your dog the best possible service.

An initial consultation is always done before agreeing to take dogs into the brigade.

All walks are planned around the age, health and fitness levels of the dog and we can most definitely cater to each individual’s needs.

All new customers are given a contract to read and sign before allowing the dogs to join the brigade. Please see our Registration page for full details.

Barkbrigade walking services Terms and Conditions